Data Recovery provide data recovery services for a variety of media including hard disks (desktop, laptop or external), CD/DVD and all types of Flash Media - in fact, most storage products.

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  • "Even though we were in panic mode, were very calm, supportive and able to help us immediately. The recovery carried out was handled quickly and we were extremely pleased with the price structure. I cannot speak highly enough of and the service provided."
    -RAID Recovery, Hills Guardian
  • "Thanks so much! We received our recovered data yesterday. My wife was ecstatic, she cried!"
    -Hard Drive (Head Assembly), EazzIT
  • "You did a great job of recovering what I thought I had lost forever. It was quick, efficient and reasonable, thanks!
    If I ever need to recover deleted data again I know exactly where to go!"
    -iPhone (Deleted Data), Brendon G.
  • "The data from my device was examined, recovered and returned in a little over a week! I would happily recommend as a prompt and professional data recovery service."
    -Hard Drive, Adam M.
  • "Thanks for recovering all my data - I'll sleep soundly tonight!"
    -Hard Drive, Delos N.
  • "Thanks again for all your help in salvaging our data."
    -Hard Drive, Trinity Grammar School
  • "Thanks a million! I am soooooo happy! Thank you so much! :-)!"
    -SCSI Hard Drive, Vicki T.
  • "Thanks for your help this morning. I am extremely grateful!"
    -Flash Drive, Stewart V.

Storage media sustains failure for a variety of reasons and in many different ways, but the data stored on the disk does not usually suffer complete loss. The liklihood of recovery depends on the type of media and the respective cause of failure (e.g. data corruption, mechanical failure or electrical issues).


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    Our pricing structure for data recovery is outlined below according to your type of media. A one off quotation fee of $88 is charged to assess your media for data recovery. Should your data prove recoverable, our quotation fee will be absorbed into the cost of recovery, according to your media.

    Please be aware that our fixed price recovery service pertains to labour only, and does not include the cost of sourcing donor parts. Should your recovery attempt require donor parts, this will incur an additional fee.

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